Goji Berry Powder

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Goji Berry Powder


7seeds freeze-dried goji berry powder is made from whole goji berries, which are grown in the lush valleys of Ningxia Province, China. After the berries are vine-ripened, they are harvested and dehydrated at low temperatures in order to retain their maximum nutrient profile. Once the berries are dehydrated, they are freeze-dried and milled into a fine powder. With the flavour resembling a blend of sweet cranberries and cherries, goji berries are one of the most nutritionally dense fruits, providing an array of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and anti-aging benefits.


Organic, Non-GMO, Raw, Vegan


Packed with 18 different amino acids and eight essential amino acids, including isoleucine and tryptophan, 7seeds goji berries are one of the highest antioxidant containing fruits in the world, typically containing 2 - 4 times the amount found in blueberries.