Giving Back

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We at 7seeds want to play our part in giving back to the planet – and planting trees is how we are doing it! 7seeds is excited to be working on a tree-planting project.

For every order processed, we will be planting 7 seeds (seven trees).

We are looking at planting trees locally in our Canadian backyard as well as working on projects focused in various vulnerable regions across the globe.

We are grateful for the opportunity Mother Nature has given us to source and provide Canadians with many of the most beneficial ingredients known to man. The presence of healthy trees and forests provides many benefits not only for the various crops being grown across the world, but also for the well being of our planet!

Top 7 benefits of planting trees…

  1. Trees combat the Greenhouse Effect
  2. Trees clean the air
  3. Trees provide Oxygen
  4. Trees create economic opportunities
  5. Trees provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife
  6. Trees provide food for humans and wildlife 
  7. Trees help prevent soil erosion

By planting 7 trees for every bulk order processed, we are giving our customers the opportunity to know they are contributing their part in the sustainability of our planet.

We are fuelled with a mission for change, and driven to sustainability. 

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